Peter Eberst, born in 1975, majored in political sciences, psychology and art history at Muenster
university. Afterwards he pursued an acting career. Since 2001, he has appeared in several feature films such as the German coming-of-age-drama Hangtime or the Dutch-Belgium adaptation of the classic novel Winter in Wartime.

He also performed plays from Shakespeare to Brecht in various theaters. In 2004, he has founded his own theater company „expedition theater" which performed among others in Muenster, Bremen, and Rome (Italy). Furthermore, Peter Eberst lends his voice to characters in dubbed feature films, comic movies and audio plays and books. The characters he embodies range from little boys to army sergeants, from russian robots to english butlers.

You can download a CV, view the showreel or listen in to the voice samples or simply contact his
agency here.