The group "Haganai" combine fire dance, walk act, theatre and live music. Up to 8 performers enchant the audience with a story with and about fire. And the live music continues when the fire show is finished to start the party.

Expedition Theater


Expedition Theater

In 2004, Ulrike Leuer and Peter Eberst have founded Expedition Theater. It's focus is to bring theater offstage, the group has performed in a social security office, a museum, a library, kindergartens, hospitals and bars. But Peter Eberst is not only one of the group's actors, he has written the play Die Gebrüder Lautstill and is the art director of Expedition Theater.

Expedition Theater




Young & Grace

Es ist soweit: Die ersten beiden Folgen der neuen Krimi-Hörspielserie "Young & Grace" mit mir als Pastor Liam Young sind erschienen. Ich hab selten so viel Spaß im Studio gehabt!